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I don’t know why I like these..

01. Is there anyone who you seem to be constantly on bad terms with right now?
Not really

02. Who was the last person who cried in your presence?
Erm not sure.

03. Do you ever think about how upcoming events will turn out or do you tend to always forget about them til they come up again?
Both, I guess.

04. Do you know anyone who has committed suicide?

05. What are your opinions about suicide?

06. What was the conversation you last had on the phone with someone about?
Slag telling us to hurry up and get to her house.

07. Who was the most recent person you’ve hung out with for the first time? What is you guys’ relationship?
Loads of Jack and Han’s friends

08. Has anything funny happened today for you?
Not really

09. Anything special going on tomorrow?
May give blood and see Ems

10. What stores do you go to the most the mall?
Miss Selfridge 

11. Do you know anyone who stays shittin’ on people? [talking shit]

12. Did you enjoy the food at the last place you went out to eat at?
Schpoons for the 3rd time in a week but was bloody gorgeous yes!

13. What was something that was a prized possession to your ex-boyfriend?
No idea

14. If you were to move out would you stay in the area you currently live in or go out of county, why?
Maybe the county but probs not the Cwm

15. What was the last picture you took using your cell phone of?

My bruised hip

16. Are you involved with anyone?


17. Would you take an ex back?

Depends what you class as an ex.

18. Where do you wish you were right now?

Aber (gay)

19. Are you a bad influence?

Sometimes.. Nah on the whole I’m a good ‘un

20. Night out or night in?

Night in right now

21. Last time you cried your heart out?

This time 2 weeks ago

22. Your favourite book:

The Help//The Green Mile//HP//

23. Feeling?


24. Would you share a drink with a stranger?

Uhh don’t think so

25. Who was the last person you visited in the hospital?

Josh I think.

26. Were you happy with the person you liked in March?

Yeah :(

27. Do you think it’s right for straight guys to get their tongue pierced?

I HATE tongue piercings, end of.

28. What does the last text message in your inbox say?

‘Haha I love this shit! Haha! Awww babe :) xxxxxxxx’ from Jess hahah

29. How do you feel about your life right now?

Up down up down

30. How many times have you been pulled over by the police?


31. Have you ever been caught doing something you weren’t supposed to?


32. How’s the relationship between you and your ex?

The last guy I had a thing with? Okay, could be better

33. Are you easy/slutty?


34. If an ex said he/she hates you, you say?

Wow I’m so surprised I was the best girlfriend ever!

35. What could be done to make things better for you?

Money, being able to teleport

36. If you could, would you take back your last kiss?


37. Did you talk to someone until you fell asleep last night?

38. Last time you were really happy?


39. Is the last person you kissed, going to be the next person you kiss?


40. Have you ever regretted letting someone go?


41. What if you were pregnant and the last person you kissed was the father?

Christ let’s not joke

42. Why aren’t you with the last person you kissed, are you mad or not?

Timing’s a bitch and nope not mad, we gooood :)

43. Is life unfair?

Yes course it is

44. Ever liked someone who treated you like crap?

Haaaaaaa yeah, sure

45. Next time you will kiss someone on the lips?

Probably next Thursday

46. If the person who hurt you most said they’re sorry would you believe them?


47. Do you think love lasts forever?

People change.

48. If the last person you kissed, was kissing someone else, what would you do?

Not in front of me pls

49. Are you currently frustrated with a boy or a girl?

Nope for once (:

50. Do you think it’s cute when someone kisses your forehead?

I love it

51. Have you ever told anyone you were okay when you really weren’t?

I think everyone does that..

52. Would you have sex with the last person you text messaged?

Hahaha soz Jess but no

53. You talked to an ex today, correct?


54. Is trust a big issue for you?

Trust no bitch

55. Have you ever taken someones virginity?

Hahahahaha technically debatable, running joke

56. Does the person you have feelings for right now, know you do?


57. Do you think anyone has feelings for you?

I know so (:

58. Do you think ex’s can remain friends?

To a certain extent.

59. What do you think of Valentine’s Day?

I love it, why not?

60. Have you ever liked someone who your friends hated?


61. Are you over your past?

Bitter bitch since ‘94

62. Girls love it when boyfriends cry; correct?

No way Jose

63. If you had to delete one year of your life completely, which would it be?


64. Last person you told a secret to?


65. Is there anything you want to say to someone right now?

Yeah but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it in a few weeks

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life is so hard when your best pal is a 9.5/10 and you’re a strong 4 with the right filter and lighting

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“you’re here to learn” I’m here because it’s the fucking law

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when rappers brag about being rich and breaking the law but then whine when people illegally download their music


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when ur friend got big gossip and u gotta prepare yourself


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please don’t flirt with people i secretly like it’s rude and disrespectful

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fun prank: put $1000 in an envelope and mail it to me

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*has emotional breakdown choosing what to eat at a restaurant*

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when you finally get that bitch off your best friend’s list on snapchatimage